Xione Business Intelligence Services (BIS)

Secure your company with research and know with who you are partnering

At Xione Group, we offer a comprehensive range of Business Intelligence Services (BIS) to meet your Intelligence Requirements including;

- Asset searching and tracing
- Social Media investigations
- Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act 2010 investigations
- Fraud and Corruption investigations
- Anti-Bribery and Prevention Programs
- Intellectual Property investigations
- Litigation intelligence and background investigations
- Third-party risk assessment
- Due Diligence and background investigations, including partners, vendors, clients and acquisition targets

Our highly trained Intelligence Specialists have broad ranging experience in researching, investigating and providing meaningful analysis in relation to the above scope of services. At Xione we customise the scope of services to meet your investigation requirements, provide regular updates to a timeline or particular event and a professional End of Engagement report.


Business Intelligence Services - Services Descriptions

Asset Searching and Tracing

Searching and tracing business and personal Assets that are the subject to dispute or are lost in the sale of businesses, divorce proceedings, taken without authorisation, sold mistakenly, taken in embezzlement schemes or by theft, require specialist Intelligence investigators to quickly quantify the loss, find the last know locations and trace the movements by finding the records and recreating the paper trail.

Asset searches and tracing include some of the following:
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)  and UK Bribery Act 2010 investigations

- Property and ownership
- Shares on stock exchange registries
- Stock, manufacturing machinery and other equipment
- All boats, ships, drilling rigs and marine procured materials
- All types of Vehicles, including those related with finance
- Businesses, those undeclared locally and overseas
- Cash, bullion, other precious metals
- Other high value assets, paintings, art objects, horse ownership etc.
- Industrial materials

Xione Intelligence specialists use three straight forward methods that are used to organize financial and asset data in searching and tracing missing assets.

- The timeline analysis,
- Link analysis to show the link between people, organisations and assets,
- Money flow analyses uncover the assets.

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Social Media Investigations

Social Media Investigations

The Internet has brought many advantages, having data and current information available within seconds with a simple search. However, it also has allowed, through its anonymity for individuals to slander, abuse, and attack those who are vulnerable resulting in severe reputational risk.

Investigation in Social Media is now highly focused on the Internet ......

Xione Intelligence specialists are highly experienced at gathering information, conducting discreet enquiries and identifying the involvement of relevant individuals

As part of the process, our Intelligence Specialist will monitor the actions of those identified to be involved in efforts to impair another´s reputation, review posts and links on the internet and where possible have material removed. Xione will work with webmasters, website owners and understanding Search Vendors process to modify Search Engine Results Page (SERP) lists.

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act 2010 investigations

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)  and UK Bribery Act 2010 investigations

Investigation's and enforcement actions undertaken by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC in the USA through the FCPA and the SFO in the United Kingdom through the UK Bribery Act 2010 have highlighted the extraterritorial nature of these laws and regulations on companies operating in multi jurisdictions.

These investigations typically include obtaining information and data based on specific company records and accessing information in relation to the officers and staff of the companies or associated individuals of interest.

Xione Groups Intelligence Specialists are closely involved in these engagements and can provide additional expertise and tools for data extraction and analyst reviews.

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Fraud and Corruption Investigations

Fraud and corruption is more prevalent and causes more regulatory focus for regulators and institutions every year. Fraud and various irregularities cause major losses for banks, business and other organisations. Non-compliance with anti-bribery legislation can result in imprisonment, for the relevant employees and managers concerned, however unwittingly.

Anti-Bribery and Fraud Prevention Programs, Policies Xione Intelligence Specialists can provide training, and provide a comprehensive review of your policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory enquires and assist in the prevention of financial crime. We focus on the latest prevention systems, developments in current fraud attacks, fraud investigations, anti-corruption risk-based compliance and assist you in dealing with regulators.

The aggregate size of money laundering in the world has been estimates somewhere between two and five percent of the worlds gross domestic product. This could be between $800 billion - $2 trillion each year.

Don't get inadvertently caught up in fraud, corruption and money laundering. Let our Business Intelligence specialists work with your organisation to audit and access your processes for weakness.

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Anti-Bribery and Fraud Prevention Programs

Prevention Programs start with an analysis of your company´s engagement with third parties, including agents, consultants, and distributors. The Company should then define a policy and procedure document to match the current business environment or if a policy exists review for current circumstance.

Anti-Bribery and Fraud Prevention Programs, Policies A successful fraud prevention program includes policies, training, appropriate communication of the policy, robust employee screening, transaction controls, segregation of duties among others. Xione Intelligence Consultants will support you either building a Policy and Procedure document or reviewing your existing document to update.

Xione can also assist with employee screening, training and supplier back ground investigations including third party anti bribery plans while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

If a fraud is suspected, Xione can provide investigation support.

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Intellectual Property Investigations

In some instances, Intellectual property (IP) is a business' most valuable asset, and can affect their reputation, image, licenses, creativity and expertise. The IP assets often differentiate a businesses, and assists in making the business a success. Laws that protect your intellectual property differ across different jurisdictions and moving your IP into new countries can create risk. Xione Business Intelligence Specialists can provide;

1. Investigation services to identify if and where your IP has been stolen or otherwise used inappropriately and provide you evidence to recover your revenue and stop the abuse
2. Provide Services on how to protect your IP within countries and set up monitoring systems to keep track so that you maintain your valuable asset.

Intellectual Property Includes:

Intellectual Property Investigation,

- Copyright
- Brand images, designs and specifications
- Product design
- Licenses
- Copy products
- Patents
- Trademarks
- Inventions
- Industrial Design
- layout Design
- Artistic Works
- Literary Works
- Geographical Indication
- Plant Variety

Xione's business Intelligence Specialists, know the difference in how the law treats IP in each country and can quickly evaluate your IP situation and provide you with a number options to mitigate any risks associated with your IP.

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Litigation Intelligence and Background Investigations

Litigation Intelligence and Background Investigations

Xione provides litigation support to law firms and corporate entities to ensure that information that will be presented during a dispute can be corroborated and the evidence presented by the opposing team can be placed into question.

eDiscovery, surveillance, traditional information gathering, analytics tools and techniques which Xione's Business Intelligence Specialists are proficient, allows for the development of timelines and links that focus on supported and unsupported propositions.

By compiling detailed background information on targets, suspects and custodians, Xione's Business Intelligence Specialists, provide histories, assets, relationships, business practices and other linkages that could affect the outcome of the legal consequences.

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Third-Party Risk Assessment

Investigation, Due Diligence, Audit, Financial Control, Tax, Disclouser

Third-party oversight is evolving, it is becoming more extensive and more complex as outsourcing certain business functions by corporates to third parties is on the rise. As supply chains grow and services become more pervasive, the use of new technologies like the cloud, the approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating third party risk is more serious.

Xione Business Intelligence Specialists understand that Third-party risk management is not a singular list approach — the level and type of risk assessments to be performed about a third party is directly related to the;

- scope of work they perform,
- the type of data or information utilised
- the different regulatory compliance obligations by function

A function or process can be outsourced, but the company cannot outsource accountability; information protection, regulatory compliance or service continuity.

Xione Business Intelligence Specialists will assist you to meet regulatory expectations in developing Third-party risk management programs that meet the scalability and intricacy requirements of a company´s risk.

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Due Diligence and Background Investigations (KYC), including all style of partners and acquisition targets

Investigation, Due Diligence, Audit, Financial Control, Tax, Disclouser

The Scope of Due Diligence services include;

- Know your customer, - CDD and - EDD
- Know your clients, - KYC
- Know your Vendors
- Know your prospective partners
- Know your partner you outsource manufacturing and BPO services
- Know your prospective Employees

In conducting due diligence enquiries, Xione can assist our clients in jurisdictions locally and globally. Our Intelligence research covers individuals, companies, non-profits and their associated board of directors, directors, managers, officers, major stakeholders and associates.

Our Intelligences Specialists will include corporate registries, business filings, litigation, financial records (where available), adverse regulatory information, media records, litigation and criminal background (where available), reputational information, professional memberships and screen for any associations to staff in their research.

Xione can provide pre-employment and vendor integrity screening needs by conducting comprehensive enquiries focused on confirming and ascertaining information provided by potential candidates and vendors.

In this area Xione will confirm background, education, previous employment, financial information and identify potential conflicts of interest according to your internal policies and procedures and compliance requirements.

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